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Five more pages from my biology art sketchbook before I start college again.

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I am and I don’t even realize it until Ive already hid through the storm I was supposed to stand up and fight through

see through

be through

grow through

learn through

Jesus speak to my heart

work in my mind

let me get the picture You are presenting

to live it embrace it take it and be it

:] thanks a bunch


Bathe in the blood of your vanquished enemies.

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Life’s an adventure

Live it stop commenting

A collection

The silence was cold, a cold that made you feel no one had ever known you’d been born, made you question your existence, reality, love. And then in stopped, in a quivering voice so soft you could almost miss it, yet not so quiet or still you could mistake it for anything less than resilience. And she spoke. Not a strong deliberate speech, or a conquering battle cry. A murmur a pin pricking whisper of hope. It was not foaming or frothy as the many retorts had been of those previously before her, her voice was love.
Not the kind you find in a drunken alleyway or cab car, or Beds when your 15 no.
This was the voice of a mother bear cooing, a panther purring, this sweet serenade was more than a flower blooming after the spring it was touch.
Not the kind of misplaced gesture you pose to a friend in grief, or the unsupported arm you raise to a not quite yet friend, but a hug. The kind of warm embrace you dream for as a romantacizing teen. The kind that fills hope up like bubbles. Love.




Analogue + Digital = One amazing gizmo!

The Smartphone Film Scanner brings your 35mm into the digital world. Simply mount your smartphone, slide in your film, use a free app to invert the colors and snap a pic! It works with iPhones, Androids and any 35mm negatives. 

Go from film to masterful tumblr post in a matter of seconds. It’s even easier than pie.

Meet the Smartphone Film Scanner 


Want so bad

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Jessica and Kurt, The End: Montauk, N.Y., by Michael Dweck.

So many good things


Jessica and Kurt, The End: Montauk, N.Y., by Michael Dweck.

So many good things

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