I have been interested in ywam for the last few years. But when I first heard of them I was already attending a missions school and felt led to do two years with that program and the wonderful humans involved.
Going into what would have been a third year with the school I was burnt out. It had been about 4 years that I had been living away from home. And although I might not love the sunny weather of Southern California, I do love a good many humans who reside in the state. People who have supported me through my many stages and to whom I felt disconnected from in the grit and mundane of day to day.
Feeling thus motivated I came home, and have been home for the better part of a year. I’ve met new friends, attended new churches irregular and infrequent. And got to feel apart of the ones I love lives, as menial as it might seem to them, and as lacking in pizazz of spirit, I have gotten moments in that I hope have showed glimpses if not full Monty’s of my love.
Now I am … Ready to prepare for the next move. Move, because as lovely as the souls of my hometown are I miss cold, and rain, and the feeling in my gut of being where my whole self is for lack of better term ‘meant to be’.
Cheese ball as it may sound, I believe we all are capable of such contentment of physical abode, even gypsies on the road. An inner knowledge of being where your best can be done and peace to stay for however long.
God is present wherever. Relationship is wherever, but personal preference and genuine interest are usually specific. I do not need to worry about God taking care of the entire world- He’s got it. He even has people holding it down in places they enjoy and can whole heartedly rejoice in. Does this mean I hate California? No! I just don’t want to make my life here- if that makes sense. There will always be multiple human reasons to come back. But I have the freedom in Christ and the love and support of a family to go away. Will we miss each other? of course! But that’s no reason not to live.
I am thankful to God for this time to reconnect and hopefully immerse myself in the wonders of family and friends.
This all being said. I am looking into ywam courses for dts in Europe and will be applying. Prayers will be greatly appreciated in this next step of my journey. I don’t know where I’m going but I know who’s leading and that’s all I need.
Long winded enough? Hopefully not?

Rebooting this blog

So beforehand I’ve shared small things on here and images occasionally but from others asking for a personal blog I’ll turn this into a more journal or blog of my walk with God. Struggles, insights and mostly run on sentences. Enjoy all.

Holy Ghost Movie


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Five more pages from my biology art sketchbook before I start college again.

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I am and I don’t even realize it until Ive already hid through the storm I was supposed to stand up and fight through

see through

be through

grow through

learn through

Jesus speak to my heart

work in my mind

let me get the picture You are presenting

to live it embrace it take it and be it

:] thanks a bunch


Bathe in the blood of your vanquished enemies.

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